Video Marketing: Let Your Content Do The Talking


I am sure when you ask around, people will tell you that they would much rather watch a short 20-60 second informative video on TV or on the internet than read a whole page worth of information about a product. Believe me, I have done a survey. That is the direction that online and offline content marketing is headed in Africa and around the world. People are more compelled by stunning verbal messages and visuals than long and boring text. 2015 has been dubbed as the year of video marketing taking in mind the success of 2014 video content marketing efforts from corporations like Pepsi, Airtel, Tigo and Tanzania Breweries. These companies have successfully managed to fit pages worth of product, promotion and information into 30 seconds worth of video content to show their prospective clients…AND IT WORKED!!
Now every outdoor activity I venture to with friends, they propose a selfie to capture the moment with the phrase: “Selfike with me real quick” (the phrase that Airtel coined from their video content marketing campaign). The power of video content marketing is so ardent that it almost always sneaks its way into your normal vocabulary. All it takes is virtual planning for your video to be included in your marketing plan. This would mean you have to know the goals that your company aims to achieve then identify your audience and strategically choose the method of distribution.


  1. Set Your Goals

Start by thinking about what you want to achieve your video content marketing strategy. Do you wish to promote or give information about your products and services to new and old clients? Are you looking to raise brand awareness?

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish from your video, take time to identify your goals. Identifying your goals will let you know if your video content marketing campaign has succeeded or failed and will help measure its rate of success. You also need to decide how to measure the rate of success from the amount of times the video has been viewed or the amount of times it has been shared.


  1. Audience Relevance

To ensure that your video is relevant, when developing your marketing strategy think about the audience you wish to reach. Do not overlook the opportunity to get creative in order to reach your audience in new ways.


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  1. Call To Action

Regardless of how well your video is produced, it may fail to yield the desired results if you do not include a call to action. Think about what it is that you want people to do when they finish viewing your video. In order to achieve the most impact, you should include a call to action in both a visual and an audible manner.

  1. Video Distribution

In determining the best way to distribute your videos, make sure you do not overlook social media. Promote your videos across multiple channels, and ensure that your videos are optimized for mobile viewing, as an increasing number of users now view videos from their mobile devices. When choosing a platform to upload your video or where to share its link, think about where your clients are mostly interacting on the internet. If my clients are mostly on Facebook and I’m sharing my link on Twitter, then I am missing an event greater opportunity for my video to possibly go viral.


Cisco estimates that within the next two years, video will comprise 69 percent of all consumer online traffic. As online video increasingly becomes a critical means for providing consumers with the means for meeting their entertainment and information needs, it has become even more important for brands of all sizes to ensure they include video content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.