Twitter Fingers: Going Social

Why you should be on Twitter

It’s official, we live in a world of infinite channels of communication. From Advogato to Facebook and Ziggs, all these platforms & systematic approaches to your prospective consumers can be leveraged to generate more sales leads for your business. They’re all great, but nothing brings more fun to the work place like managing your business’s Twitter page.

Let me elaborate: In a world of hashtags and social trends, Twitter is the birthplace of everything “cool” & “hip” on the internet. The use of hashtags on social media was initiated by Twitter. Memes are circulated on Twitter more than any other social network & global news breaks first on the blue bird, THEN makes it’s way to Facebook. In short, Twitter is an underrated marketing tool here in Africa & it’s about time we change that.

So, why should you use Twitter for your business (or why should you focus more on twitter)? There are multiple answers to this question and before I start my list, I want you to digest one simple fact: building a twitter audience requires patience. Followers don’t just come flocking to your account with every hollow post. There should be some kind of strategy and structure when it comes to content on your twitter page. For example: If you own a restaurant, your posts should be scheduled 30 mins before every breakfast, lunch and dinner meal times. People usually dial back on their work focus around 30 mins before meals & they use that time to troll and loiter on social media. Also, media content speaks louder than text. Put your message in a video or a picture. Text doesn’t leave a lasting impression when it comes to getting your brand some attention online. With that in mind, here’s why you should get a head-start on developing a set of twitter fingers for your brand.

 Why your brand needs Twitter

1.) Twitter a Growing Platform.

While Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly users, Twitter has 330 million active monthly users. Before you disregard this post, the figures don’t disprove the effectiveness of twitter marketing, it simply means there’s room for growth. Twitter grows by 4.2 million users every month which means you have a fresh new batch of prospective clients roaming around twitter every 30 days and guess who’s business they’ll come across (that’s right, yours).


2.) Marketing-friendly.

Twitter allows you to “view activity” on each tweet. You get data on how many people saw the tweet, how many people clicked links & interacted with any media content associated with the post. This comes in handy when you’re collecting data to help you formulate an effective social media strategy that takes to account the consumer behavior online.


3.) Portal To the Youth Market.

The fastest growing demographic in any industry and in any market is youths. I’m sorry to say this but Facebook is for the middle-aged man. The long and nostalgia-inducing posts aren’t for millennials. Youths crave fresh & personal posts that they can relate to & nothing is as fresh and personal as a twitter timeline. Posts are usually about what’s happening RIGHT NOW! Updates are almost always in first person which makes the content less intrusive which ultimately makes your ads and promotional content less intrusive.

There are more reasons as to why your brand should be on twitter but the technicalities are less important than the blatant fact that twitter is a good investment to add to your roster of digital marketing arsenal.


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